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67 Alldread Crescent, Newcastle, ON, CA, L1B 0C2


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ABOUT SEN5E - Marketing Consultants

Sen5e is a marketing communications company like no other. We are a collective of marketing experts who have left the corporate world to help small to medium-sized service businesses attract and secure the right clients through our proprietary FOCUS methodology.

Who We Are?
A team of full-stack marketers who bring their diverse expertise from the corporate world to small and medium-sized local businesses.

What We Do?
We have distilled our enterprise experience into strategies and tactics that create tangible results for any local business, regardless of the line of business.

Why We Do It?
Recent events made us realize that small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the community, and we wanted to create a company that would help them.

At Sen5e, we have developed a proprietary marketing approach that reduces the effort required by our partners and provides excellent value and results.

Sen5e has joined forces with technology providers who deliver the right amount of technology in a single package, simplifying the efforts while delivering results.

Sen5e doesn't have fancy offices. We charge only for our expertise, not our overhead. We pass these savings along to our partners.

The Sen5e team consists of a diverse set of skills and expertise that we bring to bear on any project our partners assign us.

Most importantly, Sen5es' approach to working with partners is not about the additional billable hours; we are looking to bring success to your business and keep you as a long-term partner.